How Do You Say Zocalo In Spanish?

What does Zocalo mean?

the public square: the public square of a Mexican city or town : plaza..

What does potha mean in Spanish?

po·ta Feminine – Noun – Singular. Translate “pota” to English: vomit.

How many museums are in Mexico City?

150Mexico City ranks second after Paris as the city with the greatest number of museums, with more than 150 at last count. How can one city — even one with such a rich history and such a large population — sustain so many museums?

What does Mamacita mean?

little motherThe literal translation of mamacita is “little mother” but the figurative and more accurate translation is “hot momma.” The moniker is never really used to describe an actual mother, a genuine mamá or mamita. Instead, the word is inextricably linked to a man’s perception of a woman as an object of sexual desire.

What is a Mexican plaza?

In underworld parlance in Mexico, a plaza is a geographical area of influence. … It can be the size of an entire Mexican state, or a group of states — or just a city or county-sized area within a state — or only a section of a city. But the core meaning remains: a plaza is where you squeeze out profits.

What is Zocalo in construction?

zócalo m (plural zócalos) (architecture) plinth, socle, base (a block or slab upon which a column, pedestal, statue or other structure is based) quotations ▼ Synonyms: base, pedestal, plinto, zoco. (architecture) baseboard, footing, skirting, skirting board; frieze quotations ▼ Synonyms: friso, rodapié

Why is the Zocalo important?

Marking the central node of Mexico City, this breathtakingly large square is flanked by a huge flagpole bearing the Mexican flag. Prior to the Spanish invasion, El Zócalo was the principal ceremonial site for the Aztecs. Today, it holds court as one of the central arenas for politics, cultural events, and concerts.

Is Hijole a bad word?

3 Answers. Well – It is not slang nor is it really vulgar- However you would not use it carelessly. The word is ; ¡Híjole! as one word and yes it means “son’of’ —” or “good grief” but the phrase is never finished.

Why is Mexico City so important today?

It is the country’s economic and cultural hub, as well as home to the offices of the federal government. The city has many well-known and respected museums, such as the Museo Casa Frida Kahlo and the Museo Nacional de Historia.

What are three typical Mexican foods?

7 Delicious Foods to Eat While You’re in MexicoTacos al pastor. This popular taco dish is a far cry from the tacos you might have tried anywhere else. … Chilaquiles. Breakfast in Mexico is a big deal, usually the largest meal of the day. … Chiles en nogada. This dish is as patriotic as it is tasty. … Enchiladas. … Tamales. … Elote.

What does Mija mean?

“mija” is a portmanteau of ” Mi + Hija “. It’s basically a coloquial feminine pronoun for “you”, I guess It’s mostly colombians who use that word.

What is a Zocalo wall?

zócalo. Definition a wide layer of load-bearing material laid at the bottom of a wall or column so as to distribute its pressure more widely over the foundation.

What is tambol in construction?

Tambol—means a board-up or false wall to cover imperfections on the application. It’s also used to hide the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical pipes on the soffit (the underside of an architectural structure like an arch or balcony).

What surrounds El Zocalo?

The National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Supreme Court of Justice all surround the Zócalo. Construction of the National Palace began soon after the conquest of Mexico, but the Palace was not completed 1692.

What are Zocalos and what are they also called?

The Zócalo (Spanish pronunciation: [‘so. ka. lo]) or Plaza del Zócalo is the common name of the main square in central Mexico City. … Even so, it is almost always called the Zócalo today. Plans were made to erect a column as a monument to Independence, but only the base, or zócalo (meaning “plinth”), was built.

What is in the Zocalo?

Here are the top 10 things to do near the Zocalo, a great guide to get started on this side of Mexico City!Explore the last piece of the Aztec Empire. … Check out the Aztec dancers. … Get sweets at Dulcería de Celaya. … Get inside the MUNAL. … Enjoy the view from Torre Latino. … Enter Bellas Artes Palace. … Visit the Franz Mayer Museum.More items…

How old is the Zocalo?

Throughout every period of Mexican history, throughout all the changes of regime and government, the Zócalo has been at the center of it all, for almost 700 years.