Quick Answer: Why Are Maui Jim Sunglasses So Cheap At Costco?

Why Maui Jim sunglasses are so expensive?

Maui Jim also uses glass in many of their styles.

Glass lenses are the best optical clarity and the most scratch resistant.

But since the material is harder to work with and rarer nowadays, it is more expensive.

Being glass adds another $60 or so to the price point as an upgrade over other brand lenses..

Can you fix scratched Maui Jim sunglasses?

Regrettably, scratches cannot be simply polished or buffed off of our lenses. We offer replacement non-prescription lenses through our repair department. … You can find more information about our repair services at our Repair page.

Are Costco Maui Jim’s real?

Yep! They are the real deal! All discontinued Maui Jim product goes to Costco.

Does Costco carry Maui Jim sunglasses?

Maui Jim Sunglasses | Costco.

Why are Maui Jims so good?

The main reason that Maui Jim Glasses are the best is that they were purpose built for the beach. The company got started on the beaches of Lahaina Hawaii. They were so the first to incorporate technology that could block out harmful UV rays and a special polarized plus2 lens design.

Are Maui Jim sunglasses worth the price?

The Maui Jim line offers the most features with the least compromise. While they do cost more than the other sunglasses in our line up, they’ve proven to be worth the cost again and again. Most people who compare them side by side to our other sunglasses say there is no competition.

Is Maui Jim better than Ray Ban?

Maui Jims are objectively better with lens filtering than Ray Bans but for flying a person needs a lens with good contrast that is non polarised. Commercial pilots tend to wear Serengeti aviators. These are non polarised and have a high contrast amber lens which is photochromic. This lens is my favourite lens.

Is Maui Jim outlet legit?

100% Authentic Maui Jim. We partner with a select group of premium online retailers to guarantee you receive the best selection and service available. Maui Jim does not honor product warranties for product purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

Who is Maui Jim owned by?

In 1991, Walter Hester, a boat captain turned oilman, purchased the company after trying the sunglasses. He named the company Hester Enterprises, Inc. In 1994, Illinois-based RLI Vision became the mainland distributor for the company, then called Maui Jim Sunglasses.

Are Maui Jim sunglasses guaranteed for life?

Maui Jim sunglasses are warranted to the original purchaser for two full years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship when purchased from an authorized Maui Jim re-seller. This warranty is void if original lenses or frames are altered.

Are Maui Jim better than Oakley?

Durability: Generally the Oakley sunglasses are durable, but in case they are coated with Iridium lenses they tend to get scratched easily. On the other hand, Maui Jim sunglasses are more durable on the whole. … Clarity of Vision: Both brands have great quality lenses.

Which is better Costa or Maui Jim?

Both Maui Jim and Costa have a wide selection of sunglass frames to choose from, so finding a pair that fits your head and aligns with your style shouldn’t be a problem. I personally like Costa frames better! Not only do they fit my head better than the Maui Jims, but I just like their style better.

The Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Men of 2020Maui Jim Ho’okipa.Maui Jim Red Sands.Maui Jim Banyans.Maui Jim Peahi.Maui Jim Kanaio Coast.Maui Jim Big Wave.Maui Jim Pokowai Arch.Nov 4, 2020

Which is the best sunglasses brand?

If you’re looking to give your eyes the stylish protection they deserve, here are the best sunglasses brands to know….Gucci. … Prada. … Versace. … Burberry. … Christian Dior. … Ray-Ban. … DKNY. … Dolce & Gabbana.More items…

How much are Maui Jim sunglasses at Costco?

Example: I looked at a pair of Maui Jim Lilikoi glasses today at our Costco and they were $89.

Is Maui Jim a good brand?

If you’re looking for quality that will last a lifetime then there is no better brand than Maui Jim. The company pride themselves on creating sunglasses that are built to last, which is why their frames come with such a long guarantee. Lightweight and strong, these are frames that feel as good as they look.

Which sunglass brand has the best lenses?

LENS TECHNOLOGIES BY BRAND. OAKLEY | COSTA | MAUI JIM | SMITH | RAY BAN.Oakley. Oakley uses PRIZM™ technology in it’s top lenses. … COSTA. … MAUI JIM. … MAUI JIM LENS MATERIALS.RAY-BAN. … Have a question? … Name.